May 08 2020

Hot gay porn stars

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Kept Man finds sexy porn star Tom Faulk as the kept guy in the house of his sugar daddy. It also finds the exquisitely handsome, straight and moody-looking Jimmy Fanz as the pool boy. In fact, if you have ever had a fantasy pool boy then this guy is him. Dark, slim, str8, with a well-trimmed beard he oozes naughty, yet innocent, sexiness. It’s clear that Tom sees this and soon he starts acting like a spoiled brat, ordering the pool boy to fetch him a towel, and then, seeing as how the naïve Jimmy reacts, sending him inside for some water. But it’s all a ploy really.

Once he has him inside, Tom can order him around a bit more and it only takes a short while to get Jimmy alone inside the house, in the bathroom and down on his knees. I mean, he’s only the pool boy, he must do as he is told right? OK, so there is no great build up to his action but what’s there is fine and anyway, who wants to wait to see Tom Faulk’s juicy cock out in the open air? Sexy Jimmy soon has his mouth around it and the blowing starts. Jimmy can keep this up for as long as he wants and he sure knows how to tease a cock. Thing is, this cock teasing starts to drive Tom wild he knows that this hot and hairy guy has something else that he wants: a tight, virgin, straight boy ass.

Men brings out the best in porn

Not even half way through this story and Jimmy is on his back on the bed with his legs spread and dusty blonde Tom is drilling his hole. He’s doing it hard and fast and Jimmy is loving it, smiling up, gripping the shaft and pushing his ass back onto Tom’s cut cock. Tom flips him over, takes him from behind and it’s so hot to see Jimmy’s smooth ass cheeks against his hairy legs. He’s totally rock hard when he rides Tom’s dick, his own cut cock and heavy nuts bouncing up and down in rhythm. These two studs try it in all positions as they fuck their way blindly through an afternoon’s fun and we get to see and hear the whole thing.

But all good things have to end and after nearly twenty nut-busting minutes Jimmy squirts his jizz over Tom’s stomach. He’s just licking it off when Tom finishes himself off. Check out the white cum on Jimmy’s cute beard, and his sparkling eyes when he first gest fucked on the bed. Another hot masterpiece from Str8 To Gay. Watch hereWatch here

May 28 2015

Gay Pornstar Duncan Black

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Duncan Black is sitting down at the breakfast table when Vadim Black walks in wearing only his loose fitting underpants. Vadim wants to know why Duncan is there as their parents haven’t even got married yet. Duncan tells him that he has already moved in and that he is going to be sharing Vadim’s room with him. Duncan looks straight into Vadim’s face and put a banana between his lips in a sexual manner. Vadim freaks out and moves away with Duncan telling him he hasn’t even started yet. Duncan gets up, walks around the table and tells Vadim that he is going to take care of Vadim’s morning wood. Vadim pushes him gently away but is easily persuaded to take his pants down and let Duncan suck on his morning glory.
Duncan Black
Vadim closes his eyes and looks upwards as he enjoys Duncan taking the full length of his cock in and out of his greedy mouth. He looks down and gets even more excited as Duncan Black – – strokes on his cock and gently squeezes his ball sack at the same time.

Dec 10 2014

Sauna Slut

Duncan Black made his debut for Jizz Orgy in ‘Spice It Up’, the spooky, werewolf inspired Halloween story that was serialised on Drill My Hole; and a good debut it was too. He was in there with Dato Foland and Colby Keller, two experienced porn stars from the company, and he bottomed brilliantly with both. In this, his second movie, he appears alongside another more experienced star, Colby Keller, a versatile actor who has now made 14 movies for the company. Both guys are handsome and fit, both have cut cocks and both of them are natural and relaxed on camera.

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There’s a kind of story here. Duncan Black and Colby Keller have been doing up a space to use as a company office, there’s not a lot in it but it looks like it’s almost ready for furniture and it is their dream come true. They congratulate each other on their hard work, exchange a few friendly kisses by way of thanks and then those kisses lead to more passionate kissing which leads to a full on fuck session. The scene is from Gods Of Men which means we are concentrating on the action, and the fact that we have two studly guys together in a love-making scene. That’s what Gods Of Men does, it takes hot hunks, like Colby Keller and Duncan Black, and puts them together in erotic, almost romantic, scenes. There’s plenty of hardcore to come, of course, but it’s done in a natural way with none of that gratuitous ‘you love that hard cock don’t ya’ stuff that you might find in your average porn film.
In this scene Duncan Black is sporting a very sexy beard, and Colby Keller has a bit of a rugged stubble about him, so both guys are manly to look at. After their initial mouth to mouth it’s time for some mouth to cock and Colby gets the balls a-rolling by going down on his lover. He takes out his seven inch cut cock and starts to pay more than lip service to it, he worships it, sucking deep, licking long and slow, deep-throating, running his hands up and down, and all the time Duncan is gasping with admiration and appreciation. Before long he’s delving into his lover’s pants so he can whip out Colby’s eight in cut cock and return the flavoursome favour. Colby gets seated on a couch, we get a nice shot of his big and full nuts and Duncan’s ass crack from the top of his jeans; the eroticism of this scene is building slowly but surely.
It builds and bubbles as the guys turn their attention to the pleasures of the ass. First with a long, wet rimming session; Colby getting his tongue right in deep into Duncan’s ass, tickling his hole one moment and then invading it the next. Duncan laps it up as much as Colby does and when Colby Keller starts to finger Duncan Black, you know you are watching two guys who are not only good in front of a camera, but who are relaxed and comfortable with each other. And that really shows as Colby readies his hard cock and then slides it into Duncan’s relaxed ass. After some dogy-style action on the settee, Duncan lowers himself over a sitting Colby, his own dick rock hard and proud, and there he slowly ups and downs, showing us his cock, his nuts, Colby’s balls and hard shaft too. We miss nothing in this scene.
And, at this point, we’re only 14 minutes in, there’s still plenty of time for this hardcore session to build. Which is exactly what it does as the guys try out some pretty impressive positions with each other before busting their nuts in a cum-filled finale. It’s another hot one from Drill My Hole, well worth viewing, downloading and keeping.

Dec 03 2014

The Calendar Shoot

In The Calendar Shoot, the latest in the JizzOrgy series featuring straight (well, straight-looking) models in gay scenes, Duncan Black and Marcus Ruhl are featured as two straight models who are reading a script together. The “Body Double” title is apparent as these two tall, well-muscled and bearded studs have similar looks, and seeing them together in nothing but robes and underwear is a double dose of sexy.

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The problem here is that the guys are straight, but the script they are reading is for a gay scene, and Marcus isn’t into it. He wants to back out of the project, but Duncan convinces him that it is the best move for their careers, and that they should give it their all. They decide to rehearse the scene so they’ll get it right.
The guys start kissing, and then Duncan takes off Marcus’s robe and skivvies, revealing Marcus’s 9.5 inch cut cock. Duncan also strips down to reveal his own bulging shaft, also cut, and straight away he takes Marcus’s big rod into his greedy mouth. Duncan continues to suck Marcus’s massive prick as they try out a varieMarcus of positions and locations, standing up, bending over, on the couch, and then Marcus takes over the sucking duties, gobbling Duncan’s meat and even deep-throating him. So much for the straight boy and his issues!
After all this oral action, it’s time for a good old-fashioned ass-pounding, and Duncan is somehow able to get Marcus’s giant cock in his willing backdoor. Still playing the gruff, tough guys, Marcus gives Duncan a nice, hard reaming, slamming his ass while the guys grunt and growl. As with the oral session, the guys go through a varieMarcus of positions, showing off their athletic bodies while all the time giving some ultra-hardcore man-on-man screwing.
After a nice session of plundering Duncan’s ass, Marcus unloads on Duncan, who unloads on himself, leaving him covered in male juices and happily exhausted. These two straight boys just might want to rehearse all over again, once they recover!

Dec 02 2014

Urban Legend

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Duncan Black and Marcus Ruhl star in ‘the White Room’ the latest hardcore scene from Gods Of Men, one of the top sites. This is only Duncan Black’s second appearance for the company, his first being last month in ‘Central Park Cruising’ with JD Phoenix. Duncans’ a 5’11” cutie with jet black hair and a fit, smooth body who is really at home in front of the camera. Marcus Ruhl (gotta love that name) has made only four movies for the top porn site, so both guys are pretty new in the game and yet both do brilliantly well on film. Marcus gets to slip right towards the top of my list of favourite models due to his red hair. Yes I know! Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly floats my boat, especially as he also has an impressive 8.6 cock on him. But I must have no favourites really, and actually the guys at the are all my favourites.

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But what they do at Gods Of Men is single out certain guys to pair up for something very special. Like they take the cream of the crop to appear on this site, and so they don’t make as many movies as they do for their other sites. But that doesn’t mean the other models are not ‘up there’ too, they’re all pretty special at but, in this case, Marcus Ruhl and Duncan Black have been singled out to make one of the rarer movies.

What I mean by rare is that these are movies that have no story, there is no build up, no scenario. They are all and only about men being in love and making love. So, when this scene starts the guys are already kissing, in a white room, in soft focus and we know we are then in for 20 minutes of sensual passion. It’s almost inappropriate to outline for you every moment of this scene, it feels rather like being a grubby voyeur, selling private photos from under the counter, I feel like I am intruding on a private moment as I watch this movie. Which is perfect of course, as that’s what we want to feel. The guys start off in their underwear, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies and then slowly get down and start suckgin cock.

There’s some great filming as Marcus Ruhl sucks on Duncan Black and we’re looking down almost from Duncan’s point of view; you can easily imagine that this cropped redhead is going down on your own dick. There is more kissing and fondling, it carries on throughout, as slowly Marcus’s cock comes into view and the guys take up a classic sixty-nine position. This leads to a deep rimming session with Duncan Black eating out Marcus’s ass, slowly and tenderly, we’ve not reached boiling point yet, everything is taking it’s time, in a long, slow build up which is erotic and teasing at the same time. Then Marcus Ruhl is on all fours and sucking Duncan’s cock again; white body bowed down before darker, and we move around behind, examining his ass and getting right in close; and all the time there’s the sound of gasping and little murmurs of approval and delight.

You will be delighted to know that the passion rises, the action heats up and Marcus Ruhl gets fucked, slowly at first then faster and faster as Duncan Black builds himself and his lover, and us, in a frenzy for hardcore love making, in all manner of positions until Marcus Ruhl shoots a hot load over his own shoulder and Duncan Black cums across his lover’s face. It starts slowly and erotically and it finishes hard, fast and wet; it has to be a scene from Gods Of Men.

Nov 27 2014

The Personal Trainer

Drill My Hole is always trying to find a way to give you the hardcore action that you love. What’s better than watching a straight man suck cock or get fucked in the ass? You’ll be sure to love our latest film. In The Personal Trainer you get to watch as straight Duncan Black gets a nice little taste of co-star Lawson Kane’s cock.

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This story begins as these two hunks are reading through a script. Lawson Kane decides he doesn’t care for it. He complains it’s a gay story. There are no girls. He’s jut really not that enthused about filming a gay scene. Lawson Kane contemplates calling his agent. Duncan though persuades him not to. Black tells him that this scene could make or break him. He lets him know it’s career choice time. Duncan coaxes him to do the scene saying if they’re going to do it right they may as well get it rehearsed.

So, the guys start kissing. They wear only dressing gowns and underwear. Since they’re already half naked they decide to take things a little further. Duncan takes over and becomes the man in charge. He pulls out Lawson Kane’s enormous cock and goes to town. These guys don’t hold anything back. Lawson Kane has a great time while Duncan hungrily sucks his hard cock. Black sucks him as he stands, as he sits on the couch, and all sorts of other ways. Finally Lawson Kane returns the favor and sucks Duncan’s cock. He gives it all he’s got, deep throating Black, taking it all into his mouth and throat and loving it. The fucking begins when somehow Duncan manages to sit on Lawson Kane’s enormous member. Then we see some true tough guy action as one tough guy f***s the other hard, deep, and rough.

Being that these men are athletic they are easily able to move from position to position quickly. They try every way imaginable to achieve the deepest penetration. These guys both have huge cocks. After some hardcore ass fucking the guys let go. Their juices flow. Duncan Black ends up a hot, wet, sticky mess. The script they were studying? Long forgotten…

Nov 26 2014

Fuck Club 1

I’ve just seen the latest scene from Str8 To Gay and I can honestly say that this has happened to me. Well, not all of it and not with a porn hunk, but the start of this scene brought back some pretty hot memories from something that actually happened. It might have happened to you:

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You’re in the park and cruising, or just wandering around, you are keeping an eye out to see who might also be cruising, and you know there’s a cottage (public toilet) just around the corner if you want some semi-privacy with anyone you pick up. Then along comes this hunk and he’s got a hardon in his shorts. He’s out for a run so his boner, or even his semi, is bouncing around and swinging from one side to the other and you can’t take your eyes off it. You follow him, needing to see more of this great bulge and he heads into the cottage. You follow, you peek, and well, you can imagine the rest. And yes, that did happen to me once and yes that’s how this scene, ‘Taking a look’ starts up.

Just the sight of the bulge on stocky, studly and sexy Duncan Black is enough to get your dick twitching. He’s the sporty guy with the semi that’s slapping around inside his shorts; no underwear you see, even hornier. And it’s Jimmy Johnson who is the guy in the park, playing my part, and watching in awe as this mighty meat comes jogging past. Jimmy follows Duncan into the toilets and takes up a place at the urinal next door. Of course he has to take a look, and he is pretty brazen about the way he does it. It turns out that Duncan Black is playing the straight guy in this scene and he’s a bit dischuffed that another guy is staring at his cock; and then that the other guy suggests that Duncan was giving him a look back there. But Duncan’s resolve soon crumbles when Jimmy Johnson suggests that he suck that great dick of his. And where better than right there in the public toilet?

Duncan gives in and agrees, Jimmy gets down on his knees and starts on the real business of the day, sucking a straight man’s cock. Duncan starts to get into it, the tiled room soon starts to echo with the sounds of grunts and gasps as the guys show their appreciation, and then Duncan can’t help but strip down, throwing caution to the wind as Jimmy blows him long and hard. What’s really neat about this scene is that Jimmy Johnson is taller and darker and Duncan Black is shorter, lighter and stockier so it’s a great combination. And when they swap around and the straight guy tries sucking gay cock, it’s really believable and of course, very horny.

And then, when the straight guy gets invited to fuck a gay ass and, by now, is so curious he has to agree, things really heat up and we get the short guy screwing the ass off the tall, gay guy. And, if you thought that was hot enough (I certainly did) you then get the roles reversed. After a bit of realistic persuasion, Duncan agrees to be fucked by a gay cock. Although Jimmy takes it slow at first, you still get the impression that this straight guy has never had a dick min his ass before.

The hardcore fuck session in the public toilets goes on, with Duncan Black on his back at the sink and Jimmy Johnson sinking his cock deep into his ass until Jimmy shoots off a really thick, creamy load over Duncan’s toned chest. The ‘straight’ guy also finishes himself off and seems really pleased that he tried that gay sex thing after all.