Dec 10 2014

Sauna Slut

Duncan Black made his debut for Jizz Orgy in ‘Spice It Up’, the spooky, werewolf inspired Halloween story that was serialised on Drill My Hole; and a good debut it was too. He was in there with Dato Foland and Colby Keller, two experienced porn stars from the company, and he bottomed brilliantly with both. In this, his second movie, he appears alongside another more experienced star, Colby Keller, a versatile actor who has now made 14 movies for the company. Both guys are handsome and fit, both have cut cocks and both of them are natural and relaxed on camera.

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There’s a kind of story here. Duncan Black and Colby Keller have been doing up a space to use as a company office, there’s not a lot in it but it looks like it’s almost ready for furniture and it is their dream come true. They congratulate each other on their hard work, exchange a few friendly kisses by way of thanks and then those kisses lead to more passionate kissing which leads to a full on fuck session. The scene is from Gods Of Men which means we are concentrating on the action, and the fact that we have two studly guys together in a love-making scene. That’s what Gods Of Men does, it takes hot hunks, like Colby Keller and Duncan Black, and puts them together in erotic, almost romantic, scenes. There’s plenty of hardcore to come, of course, but it’s done in a natural way with none of that gratuitous ‘you love that hard cock don’t ya’ stuff that you might find in your average porn film.
In this scene Duncan Black is sporting a very sexy beard, and Colby Keller has a bit of a rugged stubble about him, so both guys are manly to look at. After their initial mouth to mouth it’s time for some mouth to cock and Colby gets the balls a-rolling by going down on his lover. He takes out his seven inch cut cock and starts to pay more than lip service to it, he worships it, sucking deep, licking long and slow, deep-throating, running his hands up and down, and all the time Duncan is gasping with admiration and appreciation. Before long he’s delving into his lover’s pants so he can whip out Colby’s eight in cut cock and return the flavoursome favour. Colby gets seated on a couch, we get a nice shot of his big and full nuts and Duncan’s ass crack from the top of his jeans; the eroticism of this scene is building slowly but surely.
It builds and bubbles as the guys turn their attention to the pleasures of the ass. First with a long, wet rimming session; Colby getting his tongue right in deep into Duncan’s ass, tickling his hole one moment and then invading it the next. Duncan laps it up as much as Colby does and when Colby Keller starts to finger Duncan Black, you know you are watching two guys who are not only good in front of a camera, but who are relaxed and comfortable with each other. And that really shows as Colby readies his hard cock and then slides it into Duncan’s relaxed ass. After some dogy-style action on the settee, Duncan lowers himself over a sitting Colby, his own dick rock hard and proud, and there he slowly ups and downs, showing us his cock, his nuts, Colby’s balls and hard shaft too. We miss nothing in this scene.
And, at this point, we’re only 14 minutes in, there’s still plenty of time for this hardcore session to build. Which is exactly what it does as the guys try out some pretty impressive positions with each other before busting their nuts in a cum-filled finale. It’s another hot one from Drill My Hole, well worth viewing, downloading and keeping.