May 28 2015

Gay Pornstar Duncan Black

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Duncan Black is sitting down at the breakfast table when Vadim Black walks in wearing only his loose fitting underpants. Vadim wants to know why Duncan is there as their parents haven’t even got married yet. Duncan tells him that he has already moved in and that he is going to be sharing Vadim’s room with him. Duncan looks straight into Vadim’s face and put a banana between his lips in a sexual manner. Vadim freaks out and moves away with Duncan telling him he hasn’t even started yet. Duncan gets up, walks around the table and tells Vadim that he is going to take care of Vadim’s morning wood. Vadim pushes him gently away but is easily persuaded to take his pants down and let Duncan suck on his morning glory.
Duncan Black
Vadim closes his eyes and looks upwards as he enjoys Duncan taking the full length of his cock in and out of his greedy mouth. He looks down and gets even more excited as Duncan Black – – strokes on his cock and gently squeezes his ball sack at the same time.

Dec 02 2014

Urban Legend

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Duncan Black and Marcus Ruhl star in ‘the White Room’ the latest hardcore scene from Gods Of Men, one of the top sites. This is only Duncan Black’s second appearance for the company, his first being last month in ‘Central Park Cruising’ with JD Phoenix. Duncans’ a 5’11” cutie with jet black hair and a fit, smooth body who is really at home in front of the camera. Marcus Ruhl (gotta love that name) has made only four movies for the top porn site, so both guys are pretty new in the game and yet both do brilliantly well on film. Marcus gets to slip right towards the top of my list of favourite models due to his red hair. Yes I know! Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly floats my boat, especially as he also has an impressive 8.6 cock on him. But I must have no favourites really, and actually the guys at the are all my favourites.

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But what they do at Gods Of Men is single out certain guys to pair up for something very special. Like they take the cream of the crop to appear on this site, and so they don’t make as many movies as they do for their other sites. But that doesn’t mean the other models are not ‘up there’ too, they’re all pretty special at but, in this case, Marcus Ruhl and Duncan Black have been singled out to make one of the rarer movies.

What I mean by rare is that these are movies that have no story, there is no build up, no scenario. They are all and only about men being in love and making love. So, when this scene starts the guys are already kissing, in a white room, in soft focus and we know we are then in for 20 minutes of sensual passion. It’s almost inappropriate to outline for you every moment of this scene, it feels rather like being a grubby voyeur, selling private photos from under the counter, I feel like I am intruding on a private moment as I watch this movie. Which is perfect of course, as that’s what we want to feel. The guys start off in their underwear, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies and then slowly get down and start suckgin cock.

There’s some great filming as Marcus Ruhl sucks on Duncan Black and we’re looking down almost from Duncan’s point of view; you can easily imagine that this cropped redhead is going down on your own dick. There is more kissing and fondling, it carries on throughout, as slowly Marcus’s cock comes into view and the guys take up a classic sixty-nine position. This leads to a deep rimming session with Duncan Black eating out Marcus’s ass, slowly and tenderly, we’ve not reached boiling point yet, everything is taking it’s time, in a long, slow build up which is erotic and teasing at the same time. Then Marcus Ruhl is on all fours and sucking Duncan’s cock again; white body bowed down before darker, and we move around behind, examining his ass and getting right in close; and all the time there’s the sound of gasping and little murmurs of approval and delight.

You will be delighted to know that the passion rises, the action heats up and Marcus Ruhl gets fucked, slowly at first then faster and faster as Duncan Black builds himself and his lover, and us, in a frenzy for hardcore love making, in all manner of positions until Marcus Ruhl shoots a hot load over his own shoulder and Duncan Black cums across his lover’s face. It starts slowly and erotically and it finishes hard, fast and wet; it has to be a scene from Gods Of Men.