May 08 2020

Hot gay porn stars

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Kept Man finds sexy porn star Tom Faulk as the kept guy in the house of his sugar daddy. It also finds the exquisitely handsome, straight and moody-looking Jimmy Fanz as the pool boy. In fact, if you have ever had a fantasy pool boy then this guy is him. Dark, slim, str8, with a well-trimmed beard he oozes naughty, yet innocent, sexiness. It’s clear that Tom sees this and soon he starts acting like a spoiled brat, ordering the pool boy to fetch him a towel, and then, seeing as how the naïve Jimmy reacts, sending him inside for some water. But it’s all a ploy really.

Once he has him inside, Tom can order him around a bit more and it only takes a short while to get Jimmy alone inside the house, in the bathroom and down on his knees. I mean, he’s only the pool boy, he must do as he is told right? OK, so there is no great build up to his action but what’s there is fine and anyway, who wants to wait to see Tom Faulk’s juicy cock out in the open air? Sexy Jimmy soon has his mouth around it and the blowing starts. Jimmy can keep this up for as long as he wants and he sure knows how to tease a cock. Thing is, this cock teasing starts to drive Tom wild he knows that this hot and hairy guy has something else that he wants: a tight, virgin, straight boy ass.

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Not even half way through this story and Jimmy is on his back on the bed with his legs spread and dusty blonde Tom is drilling his hole. He’s doing it hard and fast and Jimmy is loving it, smiling up, gripping the shaft and pushing his ass back onto Tom’s cut cock. Tom flips him over, takes him from behind and it’s so hot to see Jimmy’s smooth ass cheeks against his hairy legs. He’s totally rock hard when he rides Tom’s dick, his own cut cock and heavy nuts bouncing up and down in rhythm. These two studs try it in all positions as they fuck their way blindly through an afternoon’s fun and we get to see and hear the whole thing.

But all good things have to end and after nearly twenty nut-busting minutes Jimmy squirts his jizz over Tom’s stomach. He’s just licking it off when Tom finishes himself off. Check out the white cum on Jimmy’s cute beard, and his sparkling eyes when he first gest fucked on the bed. Another hot masterpiece from Str8 To Gay. Watch hereWatch here