Nov 26 2014

Fuck Club 1

I’ve just seen the latest scene from Str8 To Gay and I can honestly say that this has happened to me. Well, not all of it and not with a porn hunk, but the start of this scene brought back some pretty hot memories from something that actually happened. It might have happened to you:

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You’re in the park and cruising, or just wandering around, you are keeping an eye out to see who might also be cruising, and you know there’s a cottage (public toilet) just around the corner if you want some semi-privacy with anyone you pick up. Then along comes this hunk and he’s got a hardon in his shorts. He’s out for a run so his boner, or even his semi, is bouncing around and swinging from one side to the other and you can’t take your eyes off it. You follow him, needing to see more of this great bulge and he heads into the cottage. You follow, you peek, and well, you can imagine the rest. And yes, that did happen to me once and yes that’s how this scene, ‘Taking a look’ starts up.

Just the sight of the bulge on stocky, studly and sexy Duncan Black is enough to get your dick twitching. He’s the sporty guy with the semi that’s slapping around inside his shorts; no underwear you see, even hornier. And it’s Jimmy Johnson who is the guy in the park, playing my part, and watching in awe as this mighty meat comes jogging past. Jimmy follows Duncan into the toilets and takes up a place at the urinal next door. Of course he has to take a look, and he is pretty brazen about the way he does it. It turns out that Duncan Black is playing the straight guy in this scene and he’s a bit dischuffed that another guy is staring at his cock; and then that the other guy suggests that Duncan was giving him a look back there. But Duncan’s resolve soon crumbles when Jimmy Johnson suggests that he suck that great dick of his. And where better than right there in the public toilet?

Duncan gives in and agrees, Jimmy gets down on his knees and starts on the real business of the day, sucking a straight man’s cock. Duncan starts to get into it, the tiled room soon starts to echo with the sounds of grunts and gasps as the guys show their appreciation, and then Duncan can’t help but strip down, throwing caution to the wind as Jimmy blows him long and hard. What’s really neat about this scene is that Jimmy Johnson is taller and darker and Duncan Black is shorter, lighter and stockier so it’s a great combination. And when they swap around and the straight guy tries sucking gay cock, it’s really believable and of course, very horny.

And then, when the straight guy gets invited to fuck a gay ass and, by now, is so curious he has to agree, things really heat up and we get the short guy screwing the ass off the tall, gay guy. And, if you thought that was hot enough (I certainly did) you then get the roles reversed. After a bit of realistic persuasion, Duncan agrees to be fucked by a gay cock. Although Jimmy takes it slow at first, you still get the impression that this straight guy has never had a dick min his ass before.

The hardcore fuck session in the public toilets goes on, with Duncan Black on his back at the sink and Jimmy Johnson sinking his cock deep into his ass until Jimmy shoots off a really thick, creamy load over Duncan’s toned chest. The ‘straight’ guy also finishes himself off and seems really pleased that he tried that gay sex thing after all.

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