May 28 2015

Gay Pornstar Duncan Black

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Duncan Black is sitting down at the breakfast table when Vadim Black walks in wearing only his loose fitting underpants. Vadim wants to know why Duncan is there as their parents haven’t even got married yet. Duncan tells him that he has already moved in and that he is going to be sharing Vadim’s room with him. Duncan looks straight into Vadim’s face and put a banana between his lips in a sexual manner. Vadim freaks out and moves away with Duncan telling him he hasn’t even started yet. Duncan gets up, walks around the table and tells Vadim that he is going to take care of Vadim’s morning wood. Vadim pushes him gently away but is easily persuaded to take his pants down and let Duncan suck on his morning glory.
Duncan Black
Vadim closes his eyes and looks upwards as he enjoys Duncan taking the full length of his cock in and out of his greedy mouth. He looks down and gets even more excited as Duncan Black – – strokes on his cock and gently squeezes his ball sack at the same time.

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