Nov 27 2014

The Personal Trainer

Drill My Hole is always trying to find a way to give you the hardcore action that you love. What’s better than watching a straight man suck cock or get fucked in the ass? You’ll be sure to love our latest film. In The Personal Trainer you get to watch as straight Duncan Black gets a nice little taste of co-star Lawson Kane’s cock.

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This story begins as these two hunks are reading through a script. Lawson Kane decides he doesn’t care for it. He complains it’s a gay story. There are no girls. He’s jut really not that enthused about filming a gay scene. Lawson Kane contemplates calling his agent. Duncan though persuades him not to. Black tells him that this scene could make or break him. He lets him know it’s career choice time. Duncan coaxes him to do the scene saying if they’re going to do it right they may as well get it rehearsed.

So, the guys start kissing. They wear only dressing gowns and underwear. Since they’re already half naked they decide to take things a little further. Duncan takes over and becomes the man in charge. He pulls out Lawson Kane’s enormous cock and goes to town. These guys don’t hold anything back. Lawson Kane has a great time while Duncan hungrily sucks his hard cock. Black sucks him as he stands, as he sits on the couch, and all sorts of other ways. Finally Lawson Kane returns the favor and sucks Duncan’s cock. He gives it all he’s got, deep throating Black, taking it all into his mouth and throat and loving it. The fucking begins when somehow Duncan manages to sit on Lawson Kane’s enormous member. Then we see some true tough guy action as one tough guy f***s the other hard, deep, and rough.

Being that these men are athletic they are easily able to move from position to position quickly. They try every way imaginable to achieve the deepest penetration. These guys both have huge cocks. After some hardcore ass fucking the guys let go. Their juices flow. Duncan Black ends up a hot, wet, sticky mess. The script they were studying? Long forgotten…

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